The 1970 SCJ 429 Torino Cobra
The 1970 SCJ 429 Torino Cobra

The 70/71 Torino Cobra was designed to race in the Nascar series for that year, but it was found to be less aero dynamic than the current 1969 and only a hand ful of nascar drivers took up the option, best know was Bobby Alison along with David Pearson.
Production numbers on the 70 Torino Cobra = 7,675 and in 71 it was about 3000.
Born also around the same time as Ford was winning nascar series, with the old saying "win on Sunday sell on Monday" was the King Cobra pictured below outside the Ford plant , it was fitted with Boss 429, Ford styled only 3 cars and today only 1 true survivor remains .
My 1970 SCJ 429 Torino Cobra, was found in a Tennessee Paddock back in 2000, it was in the weather for about 10 years and destined for the scrap metal man.

I seen something in the styling and then decided to buy it and ship it back to Australia and start the long process of rebuilding it back to its original specifications.
It now Features all the Original componentry as per the factory specs,
429 SCJ with Toploader Transmission, Hurst Shifter, Shaker , 9 inch locker rear end, and best of all a Bench Seat , just as Ford intended.

We take the car out as much as possible, and love to enjoy the driving experience.

See you around on the Road.