CHRIS’S 1972 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible
Click me to enlarge The car is a 1972 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible. I've had it since 2002 and used it as my daily driver since bringing it home. I started looking for a car like this in 2001 as a present for myself for my 40th birthday.

The criteria I wanted was 1. Pontiac 2. Convertible and 3. Left hand drive. Other considerations were a reasonable amount of power options like power windows. I can't really see the point of owning a ragtop if you have to walk around the car and windows down after dropping the top.
I located the car in Western Australia in the town of Mandura. The bloke I bought the car from had imported it from the USA in 1995, and it had been on the road in WA since 1997. Click me to enlarge When I brought the car home on the 19th of March, 2002, it had 99,500 original miles on it. I was able to get it blue slipped and registered in NSW the same day, all within about 5 hours of picking it up from the TNT depot.

Since then, I've put an additional 112,000 miles on it, including numerous trips to country NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Last Christmas, I had planned to drive it to Perth and back, however, I discovered that the front end was worn out, so I stayed home and rebuilt it.

I was able to get all the components in Australia, including a new drag link and was able to buy most of the stuff at Pontiworld, straight off the shelf.
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Click me to enlarge Having been in the american car hobby for over 28 years, I've owned a '68 Firebird, '62 Laurentian, '64 Bonneville Brougham, '79 Trans Am '66 GTO and a '68 Bonneville, all of which have been used as my (or the ex Mrs.) daily transport. After owning all these cars, I decided to get a ragtop. I also wanted a 'left hooker', as I'd had enough of fixing crappy RHD conversions and just wanted things to work properly for a change.
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Click me to enlarge Click me to enlarge Click me to enlarge It's been a great car and I hope to get a few more years out of it yet.